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My book on MATLAB and Strategic Asset Allocation is out now. You can buy it at



Strategic Asset Allocation in Fixed Income Markets



Download MATLAB code used in the book here

  • 02 AUG 09: printing of results in EX_NS and EX_SS has been updated - thanks to Craig Nelson for finding the bug

  • 03 FEB 09: regime.m now includes additional optional parameter constraints that might facilitate faster convergence (at least in some cases) 

  • 03 FEB 09: ols_est.m  has been changed

  • 16 JAN 09: a bug has been corrected in NA_a_b.m - thanks to Arjan Berkelaar for spotting it.

  • 16 JAN 09: improvements have been implemented in NA_est.m.

  • 05 FEB 12: Code and slides from the 2012 course at Frankfurt University have been uploaded (in zip format).

  • 05 FEB 12: New Matlab code has been added for example: VAR(p) estimation, and Granger-causality testing.




Course outline               SAA_Introduction               Basic Principles


Intro2Matlab                  Matrix Algebra                   Risk and Return


Functions in Matlab         Asset Allocation                 Econometric Tools


Excel sheets 


Data                               Nelson-Siegel                   Regime-switching


2012 course materials (incl. updated code library) 


Lecture Notes 1/2            Lecture Notes 2/2              Matlab files


Excel sheets                    Slides



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